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What type of RC antenna should I use and where should I mount it for a solid RF link and best range? This is a very common question. To choose the what and where of antennas, you must first understand…
We get dozens of tuning questions from around the world at Paris racing daily. The number one questions is, were do I set my needles on the carb? Unfortunately there is no such thing as a definitive universal setting for any engine! Every application will have it’s own unique requirements, even two IDENTICAL set ups can and most likely will have at least slightly different settings.
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Racers will tune the high-speed setting to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. (Performance also depends on a proper low-speed needle setting, but for now, let’s concentrate on the high-speed setting.) The best place to race tune your engine is on the track where you run. I prefer to set the high-speed mixture so the car can leg out the track’s longest straight section in the shortest time. Estimate the time by “feel” and gut instinct, or use a stopwatch for more accuracy. The high-speed mixture should be set to maximize engine performance for that particular track configuration. A short, tight track may require a main mixture setting just a shade on the lean side to provide maximum power out of the corners. You needn’t be concerned about high-rpm performance because the track is too small for the engine to ever reach peak rpm. A long, high-speed track may require a slightly rich main-needle setting. If an engine constantly revs at the upper limits of the rpm range, the fuel mixture should be richened to ensure proper lubrication across the entire rpm range. This slightly rich setting might reduce bottom-end acceleration to a degree, but longer tracks require a slightly richer mixture setting to let the engine rev to its limits without running dry of fuel and oil.
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Trainers TOP BY NOVAROSSI .21 HEAD GASKET 0.2mm (COPPER) If a pipe is not adjusted properly, it could result in the engine running too rich or too lean. If the pipe system is too short for the RPM the engine runs, it will make the engine run too lean, which will cause damage to the engine. If the pipe system is too long for the RPM the engine runs, the engine will trend rich, which will result in carbon buildup and wasted fuel.
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This chart indicates the direction in which you should adjust the fuel mixture when faced with changing weather and other conditions. It assumes the engine is currently well tuned. You could face any combination of conditions listed in the chart; knowing which way to go with the mixture adjustments is half the battle.
About CML Tip #2: There should be no speed change whatsoever when the car is in idle and when you hit the brakes. If the engine’s RPM drop either your linkage isn’t set right or the idle-speed screw is set too loose. Tighten clockwise until the carb barrel doesn’t move when you go from neutral to full brakes.

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oldandnew 1/18 Electric RC Rally Cars 1:10 Buggy Tires Now you can take your seal or boot which goes over all of that – get the edge of the boot over the lip for a nice, tight seal.
BALSA PRODUCTS ELECTRIC MOTOR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES SIG MFG CO WC-805 5″ BUBBLE CANOPY MINT! ECX RC Cars Budget Drones Barometric pressure. A barometer measures the atmospheric pressure (generally listed in the local newspaper or on the local weather forecast on TV). Higher barometric pressure readings mean more air is getting into the nitro engine, requiring a richer mixture setting to balance the air/fuel ratio.
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    Check your nitro engine’s temperature often to keep it at an optimal temperature for longer run times and overall better life for your nitro engine. If the running temperature is less than 200 degrees you need to turn your high-end needle adjustment clockwise to lean out the mixture a bit to get the temperature up a little. If your temperature is above 250 degrees you would bring it down by adjusting the high-end needle to richen the mixture by rotating the high-end needle counter-clockwise. The ambient temperature outside and the elevation according to sea level will adversely affect the nitro engine’s temperature so adjust accordingly.
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    I was honored when the gang at R/C Car magazine asked if I would collaborate on a tuning article geared to the new and hobby racers!
    When starting, the glow plug is electrically preheated by electric current. The glow plug is not to be confused with a spark plug – there is no spark in the glow plug. Catalysis from methanol vapor on the heated platinum element keeps it red-hot even after voltage has been removed, which ignites the fuel and keeps the engine running. Whereas spark plugs are constantly used to ignite the fuel/air mix every time the piston comes up, as seen in the petrol engine where the spark plug is used, the fuel cannot be ignited with compression alone. It is the plug’s temperature, still red-hot from previous ignition and from catalysis with the new compressed mixture, that ignites the fuel.

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