Name * RC Fuels 144 sold – On Road Engines my nitro rc runs great until it reaches operating tempatures.then it boggs really bad and dies ive tried tuning it from one end of the spectrum to the other and still can not make this car run right. im at a loss and have no clue what to do from here it dies when I break even though Ive set it where the idle gap doesn’t move at all when I break what do I do from here is it a bad engine?
If the high speed needle is too lean, the engine will be fast as hell at first but will then start to loose power later in the tank.
See the review One tell tail sign of this is if after reving up the completely warmed up engine it tends to idle fast for a few seconds then drops to lower idle speed. If you start leaning the bottom end a little at a time [then repeat the reving up and idle test] and it takes longer before the idle drops your going in the right direction.
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MIP How To: Repair a nitro pull start on your RC vehicle Generally with planes, cars, and boats the engine is set as lean as possible to get the most power out of the engine with out overheating it of course. This is not the case with RC helicopters.
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The first place to start with dialing in your engine is to make sure that you have your idle-speed properly adjusted. Your engine manual should give you specific instructions on setting the aperture gap to the minimum size. It’s important that we get this resolved before continuing on. If your engine can’t get enough air/gas flow then it won’t start/run. A clockwise rotation opens the aperture and increases the idle RPMs, a counterclockwise slows it down.
How To Start and Tune the TRX 2.5/3.3 Racing Engine™ How to start a nitro rc car The engine will lean out while flying your airplane due to the emptying of the fuel tank. You will need to compensate for this by setting the engine slightly rich on the ground.
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If you let your engine sit with nothing done to it after you last ran it, the internal parts will start to corrode… especially the steel crankshaft and ball bearings. They’ll rust. If the fuel has castor oil in it , it will begin to dry out and become gummy.
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03 The Slash 1/8 E-Buggy Project Next you will tune the low speed. Do a few high speed passes, bring it in, and let it idle for approximately 10 seconds, and nail the throttle. If it initially accelerated very sluggishly, with a lot of smoke, then lean it 1/16 of a turn, do a few high speed passes, bring it in, idle it again, and nail it again. Continue this process until acceleration is fairly decent, there is some smoke coming out, but not excessively. There also should not be any smoke or liquid fuel coming out of the exhausht at idle. Bring it in, pinch the fuel line near the carb, and count how many seconds it takes to stall, and note how high it revs up. If it takes quite a while, and revs up a lot, then the low speed is still too rich. If it barely revs up, or not at all, and stalls nearly immediately, it is too lean. If it revs up and takes around 4 seconds to stall, then it is good. The low speed should not take very much adjustment, it is much more sensitive then the high speed needle. You should always tune it after the high speed.
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HobbyKing C1 Flowmaster Catarmaran 920EP Parts Nitro RC engines were the only practical way of powering a decent sized RC airplane when I first got into the hobby several years ago.  Recent technology has led to a huge shift towards electric powered aircraft.
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condition. A richer high-speed needle setting will actually help keep the engine running cooler as it reduces rpm, and because there is more fuel passing
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