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or Register $12.90 shipping These tips describe some of the barriers to starting your engine. This might seem to be a long checklist, but when your engine is giving you trouble, these checks actually take very little time to do. The problem areas will become even easier to recognize as you gain experience.
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A Tuned Pipe is something that mystifies many modelers. They all know that the “top” fliers use tuned pipes on their airplanes, and that racing cars and boats use them to get top performance. What modelers don’t know is what the pipe actually is and how it works. They just see that great big, odd-looking thing hanging on the engine, and are told that it gives a very noticeable increase in power.
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Modify Nitro RC Engines

Producing great engines is possible even if you don’t own a lot of sophisticated tools and equipment. Air Filters – Cleaners reposition the low-end to the previous position of best idle performance.
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Electric General Discussion Contact page Firefox Parts remote control cars I hope that this info gets you on the right track. If all fails, it’s always a good idea to get expert advice from the vets down at your local track. However, be aware of the guy that’s too eager to give you advice on how to get that extra performance boost out of your engine. Unless he or she plans on buying your next engine, I would be weary of any such advice.
22XX Motors So lets talk about tune shifting and how heat affects the engines tune…Many tuning guides make no mention of this and its also a huge source of tuning issues…. These engines go thru a massive tune shift as they warm up, and the hotter they get the leaner they get, as well not only that but the harder you run them the leaner they get.. A good race engine will take 10 minutes of hard driving on a track to become thermally stable and for the tune to stabilize, up until that point the tune continually shifts leaner and leaner… When first fired a properly tuned engine will be sputter rich often with a very high idle and often want to stall easily… However as you continue running the enegine the idle will start to stabilize and as you get the engine on the ground and under load you will see the tune slowly start to clear up, and the longer you run it the better and better the tune becomes, till after roughly 10 hard minutes you will have the tune right back to where you left it the day before when you tuned it…. As i say the tune shift these engines will go thru is massive, from initial fire up to final hot tune you are talking a huge shift in engine mixture….l see soo many guys tuning their engines too soon and end up with a overly lean engine once everything heat saturates…… On a race track how hard a engine is run determines the ideal needle settings… Meaning I can set the needles perfectly for a average racer and he could race all day with a perfect tune..but if i gave the same car to a faster driver the tune would very quickly become too lean as the engine is being worked harder with the faster racer………. this holds true for your MT’s…meaning the perfect tune may vary depending on what your doing with the truck and how hard you are running it….. Wide open top end runs in heavy grass is going to want a much richer needle position then popping short wheelies in your front yard…So understand that the tune is going to move around on you and thats its perfectly normal……. what your going to need to do is learn to listen to the engine and make the appropriate adjustments….. And truly once you know what to listen for its super simple to tune these engines !!!! I mean it, its really really really simple !
£99.99 Menu and widgets KingKong GT Spare Parts If a pipe is not adjusted properly, it could result in the engine running too rich or too lean. If the pipe system is too short for the RPM the engine runs, it will make the engine run too lean, which will cause damage to the engine. If the pipe system is too long for the RPM the engine runs, the engine will trend rich, which will result in carbon buildup and wasted fuel.
There are a few variants of tuned pipes that are seen around. The most well-known is the double-cone tuned pipe. Properly-made, these pipes allow the engine to develop the highest power it can. They can be quite loud, though. They may not be as effective as a good “can” type muffler, as far as quieting is concerned.
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RC Fuel Delivery & Accessories N. Tonawanda, NY URL: There are two different ways that nitro RC engine manufactures seal the piston with the sleeve in the bore. It is critical that the piston and sleeve form an airtight seal in order for the engine to produce compression.
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Sale price: $2.00 How To Build Training Gear You’re nitro rc truck or car engine is going through natural heating cycles Privacy & Cookies Policy
How To: Simulate cylinder fins for RC model airplane engines Hangar 9 Ultra Fuel Pump HAN155 RC Airplane Gas and Glow Compatible
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The low-speed and high-speed needle valves work in conjunction with one another. When you adjust the low-speed needle valve it may be necessary to re-adjust the high-speed needle valve. Then of course, you may need to readjust the low-speed needle valve again. It is not difficult, but it does require some patience.
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What are tuned pipes and how do they work? Go to next slide – You may also like URL: 2. Idle the engine for 10 seconds
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Gadget Hacks Home 120-149A OS Engines 15550 50SX-H Hyper Ring 60… $9.35 The reason I say to check the plug is that different fuels have different oil additives and detergent packages.
Tires & Wheels 1S 3.7v LiPo Batteries Sale price: $365.50 1 Be sure engine is warmed up before tuning Proper nitro engine break-in is critical for the long-lasting performance of your RC. Every new nitro engine should undergo a break-in procedure which takes from one to two hours and about three to five tanks of nitro fuel. Be patient! If you break in the nitro engine properly, the upkeep on your RC vehicle will be less costly than if the procedure is done hastily and incorrectly.
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Count how many seconds it takes for the engine to die out. If it dies immediately it is too lean, if it doesn’t effect the engine for a while it’s too rich. If the engine revs up and dies all within a 4-6 second range, you’re close to getting a rough tune for bottom end.
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    1. Dies or flames out at full throttle.
    Get the Software the Pro’s Use…

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    Indiana and Michigan Racing
    1.The slide or barrel [regulates the amount of air to enter the engine controlled by the servo]
    Nitro On-Road

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    How to Tune Your Nitro Engine
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    EFRA 2096 Off Road Super Strong Tuned Pipe w/Short Compact Manifold
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  6. Brandy Barrera says:

    The cheap but easy alternative would be to drop a bead of water down the head on the glow-plug and see whether it boils off. If it slowly simmers than it probably is running right around 212�. If it boils to quickly then it’s probably too lean and needs to be richened. If it just sits there and doesn’t boil at all, then its running too rich and needs to be leaned out.
    Sealing a Nitro Engine for air leaks.
    I got a tuning question for you. Do all Long LSN carbs adjust the same way? Reason for asking is that I run Go Motors and some have the Long LSN. I know when people have problems with carbs the first one they resort to usually is an O.S. carb because they tune easy.. Well, I was looking over an O.S. carb today and I see they Too are Long LSN carbs. Atleast the 2 I have are. So they should tune the same as a Go Long LSN carb or vice-versa correct? Just something that made me go hmmm..
    Wheels & Landing Gear
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    True that and I know alot of people that win races with other mod engines. I think they are all good. I have just been a Murman fan for along time and people in the know, know.
    so if they dont warrenty the engine for me then im gonna get another LRP 32 for my LST or try the new picco boost .28

  7. Ronda Bender says:

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    OS Max FP 25 Nitro RC Airplane Engine Motor w/ Muffler – Runs Perfect!

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    Washers 5.1*9*0.5mm (For Gas Power Version) MAD-NP0115
    Charging Leads
    2. Start engine slightly above idle.
    TO-343B Damper Stand (blue) on a pop can
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    Learning Lab
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    10112 Electric Roto Starter E-Start Back Plate 1/8 RC Car 28 Nitro Engine. Weight: 46g.
    Rules of Thumb
    With the engine properly secured on a test stand or in the model, install the correct glow plug and propeller and fill the fuel tank. Set the carburetor with the throttle barrel approximately 1/4 to 1/3 open and try to start the engine. It should fire and come to life easily. Dont be concerned with removing the glow igniter. Since we are almost guaranteed to be running too rich, the engine may not run without it keeping the plug lit. Slowly increase the carburetor opening to full while simultaneously leaning out the high-speed needle valve (turn inward, clockwise), until the engine is clearly running in at least a dirty two-stroke modegoing back and forth between a clean two stroke and four stroking (missing). Open the throttle barrel fully and now lean out the engine further while watching the rpm with your tach. When it peaks and will hold the peaked setting back it off a few hundred rpm. This whole scenario shouldnt take very long, less than a minute or two, and even if you are running an ABC/ABN-type lapped engine, it will not be running at a too-rich setting for long enough to cause any harm. The high speed is now roughly set and we can turn our attention to the low-speed setting.
    Nitro engine tuning guide

  11. Alex Hood says:

    Tweets by @RCSuperStar
    Lower humidity Rich
    The group decided that this Software was too important to the RC Modeling Community to keep to themselves. A few copies of the software were provided to some of the top rc engine builders and tuners across the country. THEY LOVED IT and used it every day in their engine building businesses.
    Shop by Compatible Scale
    Electric RC Truggy
    TrackStar SEG H-21 Two Stroke Glow Racing Engine For Car (with pull starter)

  12. Gary Hale says:

    Multi Rotor Helicopters all the others can say they are the bomb but I know Murnan gets results and wins races.
    Would you like to tell us about a lower price?
    Web: $13.25
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    Low Profile Servos
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    These are just a few tips that may help you in the nitro engine tuning process. One thing to keep in mind is that experience in knowing the sound the engines make and how that corresponds to its tune is quite important and will help greatly. Also note that a Nitro Car or Truck Engines tune will change from day to day. This is normal as the nitro engines fuel mixture is quite sensitive to any changes in temperature, humidity, and pressure.
    Setting the high-speed needle valve is fairly simple. Run the engine at full throttle and observe how it reacts. If it is stumbling, not firing consistently, or producing excessive smoke then it is running too rich.
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    Cox Nitro RC Toy Engines, Parts & Accessories
    Sale price: $429.95

  14. Lenora Mckenzie says:

    Shut off the engine by pinching the fuel line to the carburetor; let it cool down for about 10-15 minutes before you start on your next tank of fuel.
    Tail Wheels Mounts
    $220.00 $124.99
    One tell tail sign of this is if after reving up the completely warmed up engine it tends to idle fast for a few seconds then drops to lower idle speed. If you start leaning the bottom end a little at a time [then repeat the reving up and idle test] and it takes longer before the idle drops your going in the right direction.

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