More ports generally means more area to get the fuel/air mixture into the cylinder, more fuel means more possible power (it can also mean more fuel stops). There are several pros and cons of more or less ports. Big ports don’t always work well as the gas speed through them is not high, when the fuel arrives in the cylinder there won’t be enough mixing and swirling or the fuel air mix and it also won’t push the exhaust gases out. Therefore a larger quantity of smaller ports can sometimes be an advantage. In a tiny .12 engine though you can end up with tiny ports because the webbing between them effectively takes up too much space. If you make the webs too thin they get too hot and can be the reason for seizures and unreliability. There is no real answer to this one as so many other factors also affect the engine, don’t forget though that reliability and good fuel consumption can make a world championship winning difference over 45 minutes.
UK Racing Gas Plane Engines Micro Motors Tips & help Australia Only Novarossi Aero 2.1cc – 2.5cc Pipes and manifolds General 5x HSP Spark Glow Plug No.3 N3 Hot 70117 for RC Nitro Engines Car Truck Traxxas
Pro-Line’s Video Guide to X-Maxx Upgrades 23+ watching Sub Micro Servo   Lower oil content   Rich
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It is best practice to adjust the HSN in terms of “Hours” (ie hours of the clock face). If you are still not having any luck, try adjusting the mixture of the carb. There may not be enough fuel getting through, or too much!
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An engine’s life and performance are both greatly influenced by the tune. The richer an engine the more fuel and therefore the more lubrication your engine recieves, however you will also notice a decrease in performance as it will run sluggish. Running the engine too lean can however cause premature engine wear, because of the lack of lubricant provided by the fuel and excessively high temperatures. The leaner the engine, the less fuel it gets, and therefore less lubrication. Leaning increases the performance to a point. Too lean and the engine will over heat, burn up, and lose performance. Tune your engine based on performance, temperatures, and whether or not you have bluish or whitish smoke at WOT. Never run the engine overly rich to make it “last longer”, this can cause underheating and poor performance. Always tune for performance, it’s more fun anyway.
“As the tank pressure gets lower as a result of the fuel being used, the pipe has to pressurise a larger space. When you accelerate off the mark, that’s when the engine has the least amount of pressure in the tank. So for a split second the engine appears to have lean bog, because there is a lesser amount of pressure to push the fuel through the line.×300/products/7469/10608/11748__75103.1516416984.jpg?c

Modify Nitro RC Engines

BLADE Chroma Yeti Jr. 1/18 Gadget Hacks Sites Yes I think if you want your RC car be great then you must have to do some maintenance after the run. And this post is really most helpful for maintenance of your RC Nitro cars.
PICCO .21 EDO MODIFIED PISTON/SLEEVE/HEAD BUTTON Cheap Tattoo Kits Nova Rossi AU $224.95 S010 RC Nitro Carburetor Assembly
Go to previous slide – Save on Hobby RC Gas/Nitro Engines for Traxxas Japan Updated May 25, 2018 The last set of engine problems that can be fixed by adjusting your tuning are to do with braking, and these ones you address using the idle screw. A slightly misleading name in this case, but nonetheless a very helpful adjustment tool! If you’re not quite sure how the idle screw works, it basically sets the limit on how far back your throttle can go when you hit the brakes; further in and the throttle stays more open, but too far back and it will cut of all the fuel getting through, and kill your engine dead! Which is, by the way, one of the main symptoms of a poorly tuned idle screw. If your engine dies when you brake, this is exactly what’s wrong, so push that idle screw in a bit more! 1/8 of a turn clockwise is recommended, then do a quick, hot lap and try braking again. Problem not solved? In a little further. Problem solved? Great! It’s not dying, but the kit keeps rolling even after you’ve braked? Too far, take it back a little bit. Keep trying and testing the brakes until you get the balance right.
Heat Strinkable Tubing Walkera 1B Replacement Parts
Idle speed opining set too wide: Shoot Ear Protection · June 2, 2017
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Just PLayin this is good stuff to put there so we can always find it to bad i dont thiunk about this when i find good info Flight Stabilization Systems
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MSRP: $52.99 Engines – 4 stroke King Headz How To: Make your own RC airplane Wish List « Previous Thread | Next Thread »
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nice job ehroof! good idea Classic Airplanes ORIGINAL: redliner140 Chargers AC-DC (click for larger view)
Glow Plug Temperature – Hot, Medium, or Cold? Location: middletown, NY Foam Safe Glue Sun glasses 05200 Piston Clip .12 Nova Rossi engines
Truck $16.49 $15.49 $12.50 RUB Traxxas 5451R Steel CV Driveshafts T-Maxx 3.3/Revo 3.3 4 Traxxas TRX 2.5 & 3.3 High-Speed Needle Valve Assembly 2. #1 Phillips screwdriver
£1.50 Legal bits $10.25  RC10B64D Sonic Tronics: Glowdevil # 300​ Web: $13.99 If the flywheel can’t be tightened onto the engine without it trying to turn over, grip the drive washer in a pair of large adjustable pliers, like Channel LocksTM, with the drive washer protected under several layers of cloth. You could also try a strap wrench.
Starter Box for 1/8 Off-Road and On-Road Car(Blue) 72P-B7060-Blue-StarterBox Views:  1. Set the idle speed.
Tactical Boots Hobby RC Gas/Nitro Engines for Universal Plug-N-Fly (PNF) Air Filter (9) BEC/UBEC
Clutches (11) Email Signup Affordable DRONE Specialty Batteries Drum Sets SH Engines PT28XM1-P8 .28 Pro Rear Exhaust 8 Port Engine Part #: 1763 4 star Do not pick up your vehicle while the tires are still moving.
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15-Inch Subwoofer RC Oils, Lubricants & Maintenance · May 9, 2017 Include Discontinued Parts 186 EUR 8.96 postage 31 product ratings Misc. Car Parts How To: Tune a Nitro Engine / Tyrannosaurus 4WD Nitro RC Truck
4. Fuel bottle Tanks MSRP: $1.25 The new Novarossi Mito racing engines are largely based on the 2014 featured vir TUS series. A special feature of the Mito 9C is the centrally arranged 3-needle carburetor. Marke Novarossi. The liner is equipped with nine overflow channels and an outlet channel with “booster ports”.
Exhaust Systems, Pipes, Headers This is 50K wt Differential Oil for the Traxxas Revo. FEATURES: 50K weight oil. YOU WILL RECEIVE: 1.75 oz (50cc) bottle of oil w/ 1-1/2″ (38mm) pointed fill cap.
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