This is a compilation of Technical Papers created over the past 20 years dealing with many technical RC Nitro Engine Topics.
Along with the Engine Technical Papers are also an assortment of articles with interest to RC Nitro Model Boaters.
This is the area of the racing hobby that I am most interested in and compete in.

We hope these Technical Papers show you that we have a ton of experience and can help you
to greatly enhance your competition level, in your chosen Nitro RC Hobby.

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Sunnen Hone for Perfect RC Nitro Liner/Piston Fit

RC Hydro Turning Dynamics

RC Squish Velocity as a Component of Head Design

Multifilar Suspension Test Method for Inertial Dyno

Multiphase Flow on a Ventilated RC Marine Propeller and Rudder

Efficient Use of an RC Mixture Control

Learn to Mix an Appropriate Fuel for Your Nitro Model

Selection of the RC Model Boat Propeller

RC Model Engine Bearing Installation

RC Engine Analysis Software Measurement Assistance

RC Hydro Digital Boat Setup

OS RC Mixture Control Setup & Modification

RC Nitro Engine Compression Ratios

How Our RC Inertial Dyno Works

RC Nitro Engine Exhaust Timing

Part 1 RC Nitro Engine Tuned Pipe Information

Part 2 RC Nitro Engine Tuned Pipe Information

Part 4 RC Nitro Engine Tuned Pipe Information

RC Nitro Engine After Run Lubrication

RC Boat Drive Line Lubrication

Building Our RC Nitro Inertial Engine Dyno

Our Completed RC Nitro Engine Dynomometer

RC Nitro Engine Blueprinting (Engine Measurement and Fitting) - Part 1

RC Nitro Engine Blueprinting (The Exhaust Port - Shape and Timing) - Part 2

RC Nitro Engine Blueprinting (Rotor/Crank Fitting) - Part 3

RC Nitro Engine Blueprinting (Rotor/Crank Timing) - Part 4

RC Boat Propeller Sharpening - "Boat Pulls Right"

RC Nitro Engine Squish Velocity

RC Nitro Engine Combustion Chamber Shapes

RC Nitro Engine Squish Band

RC Model Race Boat Aerodynamics/Hydrodynamics

RC Roadrunner Hydro Setup Tips

RC Hydro Square Drive Installation

RC Nitro Tuned Pipes and How They Work

RC Model Race Boat Propeller Technical Notes

RC Nitro Engine - The Liner Fit

RC Nitro Engine - The Important Piston Fit

RC Nitro Engine - The Important Compression Ratio


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